Sticking with Wilder the best option, we don't want someone off the 'manager merry-go-round'
Sticking with Wilder the best option, we don't want someone off the 'manager merry-go-round'
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Sticking with Wilder the best option, we don't want someone off the 'manager merry-go-round'

First off here, there seemed to be some confusion among a small section of supporters on social media when it came to our stance on Chris Wilder last week.

An article looking at players and the board taking time to relay the same message on Twitter was, for whatever reason, taken slightly out of context and appeared to suggest we only half-heartedly think the club backs Wilder.

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To put that straight, we categorically agree with Prince Abdullah’s stance and always have. No manager, as we’ve said time and again, is going to get these players playing like the current boss does. Furthermore, Wilder deserves the time to get things right again. If any manager in English football deserves that, it is Chris Wilder.

Which brings us to the point in this piece. And that point is that Prince Abduallah is absolutely right to back Wilder. If someone can explain what use it would do sacking him, then I’d gladly here that argument.


Look at the alternatives…

Most Blades would probably struggle to name a viable replacement if the club did take the most drastic of action and remove Wilder.

Just who is out there? And more importantly, who is out there who isn’t just part of the ‘Manager Merry-go-round’ we’ve become accustomed to seeing.

Mark Hughes? No thanks. Alan Pardew? Think again. Neil Warnock? Sam Allardyce? Harry Redknapp? Not a chance.

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Beyond that, where would be seriously looking? Eddie Howe is one younger name that comes to mind. But he built Bournemouth over time and let’s not forget, spent a big chunk of change in the last few years as well.

The other option would be to look abroad. Jan van Winkel has contacts around the world but even then, that manager would need time and would, in all likelihood, stand no better chance of keeping us up than Wilder does.

These last four and a half years have been monumental. No Blade who watched the sorry show under Nigel Adkins could have dreamed we’d be playing Manchester United in league competition this week.

And that’s a sobering thought to go away with. Yes, things aren’t great at the moment. But you take the rough with the smooth and in Chris Wilder, Sheffield United have the best man for the job.


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