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About Us


Sheffield United News aims to be the number one website worldwide for news, opinion, and reaction on all things Sheffield United.Visited by more than 150,000 monthly readers – a number that continues to rise – Sheffield United News also has one of the most active and engaging Facebook pages in the Sheffield United landscape.

Site lead Lee Connor aims to get to the latest on transfers, training, injuries, academy, press conferences and boardroom decisions ahead of the rest. Lee has lived it all as a Blade. He considers himself an expert in losing at Wembley after getting carried away in the build up and still expects United to blow every single big game.

Sheffield United News really is your one stop shop for all things Blades related.

Sheffield United News is part of a leading independent network of websites including HITCTBR FootballUnited in Focus and Reality Titbit. Together, we are part of UK-based publisher and tech company GRV Media. Discover more about our brands page on our own company website.


Sheffield United News is overseen by Lee Connor. You can get in touch with Lee at [email protected]

You can also contact Sheffield United News by visiting our contact us page. Additionally, you’ll find contact details of the wider GRV Media team at our company website’s contact us page. 


Our business rebranded as GRV Media in 2015, prior to which we were named after the launch website, HITC (Here Is The City). The rebrand coincided with a period of growth through launch and acquisition, and the company now comprises 20 owned-and-operated websites, social channels, and an advertising management business called PROP. 

GRV Media’s own brands are focussed on sport, entertainment and gaming. Together, our owned & operated websites reach around 30m visitors monthly, and are trusted and followed by more than 1m Facebook users. Find Out More about our brands here

PROP, GRV Media’s tech arm, works with around 70 publishers worldwide to manage and maximise their advertising revenues.

The combined reach of the GRV network is over 150m visitors each month.


GRV Media remains owned and run by its founders – Vic Daniels (Co-Founder & Executive Chairman), and Graham Morris (Co-Founder & CEO).

The founders are supported by an experienced management team; find out more about them here.


GRV Media has proudly pioneered remote working since our inception in 2002! We operated successfully as a fully remote business for 2 decades prior to the pandemic.

Our registered office is 18 Mulberry Avenue, Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 0WN.

Our London address for correspondence is 28 Ormiston Grove, London W12 0JT.

You can find contact details for key members of the company here.



Like all digital publishers, we want to grow our audience, keep them engaged and entertained, and to fund our operations effectively through advertising. 

We pride ourselves on the speed, accuracy and quality of the content we publish, across a wide range of topics. We are also proud to do this in ways which we think are right and decent – we do not, for example, seek clicks by publishing stories about celebrities which are unkind or hurtful.

We unequivocally do not carry advertising which promotes gambling. During the last 20+ years, GRV Media has been repeatedly approached about running gambling ads, and we have chosen to decline every time, believing this is right thing to do for our website visitors.


At the core of the business is our team of around 90 talented journalists, who are valued and nurtured and whose individual contributions are celebrated. We operate in a fast paced environment, with ever changing commercial pressures. We value long term relationships with our editorial teams, meaning that 100% of our writers are fully employees of GRV, with associated rights and benefits. We believe this also maintains a higher standard of accountability and integrity journalistically, which is increasingly unusual in the freelance culture so often prevalent in digital publishing.


We believe in treating all our contractors, clients and partners with respect. Above all, transparency and honesty are at the heart of our processes and communication. Our publisher clients can be sure that we operate in an open manner, without the smoke and mirrors often associated with advertising technology. We are also proud to have been amongst the first ad platforms to offer a near real-time dashboard and prompt net 30 days payment terms.