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Trophy History

Sheffield United’s trophy history is rich with early titles brought to Bramall Lane after the Blades were formed in 1889. All four professional leagues are also on the list of how many titles the club has won.

The South Yorkshire natives were the fourth club to win all four professional leagues in England after lifting their most recent trophy. Sheffield United completed the clean sweep by winning League One in 2016/17. While the Blades have also won the FA Cup four times through Sheffield United’s history.

Major trophies have proven to be scarce in more recent years with Sheffield United last adding a title to their list of triumphs in 1925. The Blades have also not lifted a less-heralded trophy since 1989. So, in case you ever need reminding, here is a list of every major title that Sheffield United have won so far…

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Sheffield United have won the top-flight title once

Sheffield United secured the only top-flight title in their list of trophies won during the Blades’ eighth season of organised league football. The club first entered a division with the Midland League for the 1890/91 season. They later entered the old Division Two in 1892/93 and sealed promotion in second.

The Division One trophy would soon arrive at Bramall Lane in 1897/98 as Sheffield United built on a second-placed finish. Over the course of a 30-game season, the Blades won 17 times and lost in just five. They would claim the club’s sole top-flight title yet with a five-point advantage over Sunderland.

List of Sheffield United’s top-flight trophies:

1897/98 (English Football League, Division One)

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Sheffield United’s trophy history also features one title in each of England’s other three professional divisions. The Blades booked their return to Division One for the 1953/54 campaign by winning their only Division Two title. But their decline in the following terms saw the club drop into the fourth tier.

Yet the Bramall Lane natives would lift the old Division Four trophy in their sole season of fourth-tier football. But another decline in the 2000s saw Sheffield United return to the third tier, by now known as League One. Three failed play-off campaigns would then culminate in their last league trophy won.

List of Sheffield United’s other league titles:

1952/53 (English Football League, Division Two)

2016/17 (English Football League, League One – third tier)

1981/82 (English Football League, Division Four)

The Blades have won the FA Cup four times

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Sheffield United’s trophy history also brought early triumphs in the FA Cup with the Blades securing four titles for their list of successes. The club first entered the oldest national football competition in the world in 1889/90. While they would later mark their 10th attempt with a maiden crown, as well.

The Blades would contest the FA Cup final three times in four seasons between their first and second titles, too. But they have not contested a final since losing 1-0 to Arsenal in the 1935/36 tournament.

List of Sheffield United’s FA Cup trophies:

1898/99 (beat Derby County 4-1 in the final)

1901/02 (beat Southampton 2-1 in a replay of the final)

1914/15 (beat Chelsea 3-0 in the final)

1924/25 (beat Cardiff City 1-0 in the final)

The Blades have won a number of less-heralded titles

Along with their major trophies and the lower-league crowns in Sheffield United’s list of titles won, the Blades’ trophy history also features a number of less-heralded successes. The Bramall Lane outfit also won the Football League North in 1945/46 after the EFL established temporary leagues during WWII.

Sheffield United have also won the Sheffield & Hallamshire Senior Cup – then known as the Sheffield Challenge Cup – once, the Northern League once, the Wharncliffe Charity Cup twice, the Sheriff of London Charity Shield once, the County Cup 22 times and also the Yorkshire & Humberside Cup once.

List of Sheffield United’s other titles:

1891/92 Sheffield & Hallamshire Senior Cup (beat The Wednesday reserves 2-1 in the final)

1892/93 Northern League

1897/98 Sheriff of London Charity Shield

1988/89 Yorkshire & Humberside Cup

1920/21 County Cup (beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 in the final)

1923/24 (beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-0 in the final)

1925/26 (beat Sheffield Wednesday 3-1 in the final)

1929/30 (beat Sheffield Wednesday 3-1 in the final)

1930/31 (beat Barnsley 9-2 in the final)

1932/33 (beat Sheffield Wednesday 4-2 in the final)

*1938/39 (shared with Sheffield Wednesday)

1951/52 (beat Rotherham United 3-1 in the final)

1952/53 (beat Rotherham United 5-0 in the final)

1953/54  (beat Rotherham United 4-2 in the final)

1956/57 (beat Rotherham United 3-1 in the final)

1957/58 (beat Sheffield Wednesday 3-0 in the final)

1958/59 (beat Sheffield Wednesday 4-1 in the final)

1959/60 (beat Rotherham United 2-1 in the final)

1963/64 (beat Barnsley 4-3 in the final)

1964/65 (beat Doncaster Rovers 4-0 in the final)

1966/67 (beat Barnsley 3-2 in the final)

1968/69 (beat Doncaster Rovers 2-0 in the final)

1973/74 (beat Rotherham United 4-2 on penalties in the final)

1977/78 (beat Doncaster Rovers 4-1 in the final)

1979/80 (beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 in the final)

1981/82 (beat Sheffield Wednesday 3-2 in the final)