'A one-way transaction': Simon Jordan backs Prince Abdullah's comments about Chris Wilder
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'A one-way transaction': Simon Jordan backs Prince Abdullah's comments about Chris Wilder

Regular Talksport pundit, Simon Jordan, has once again had his say on Chris Wilder and Prince Abdullah, backing the Blades owner’s latest comments.

Abdullah spoke to Sky Sports this morning and delivered an open and honest interview. In it, he covered some of the reasons behind Wilder leaving the club, while also questioning the recruitment strategy and the way the ex-Blades boss handled the media in recent months.

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And speaking on Talksport about the issue today, Jordan has once again lept the defence of the United owner.

“I think what he’s doing is setting the record straight. You’ve got this imbalance in certain segments of the media where because a manager’s achieved something once upon a time, ultimately whatever they do going forward, it gives them a pass. The owner is saying, ‘Hold on just a second’,” Jordan said.


“I was a major admirer of Chris Wilder’s, and I thought the work that he’s done to go Sheffield United back into the Premier League has been phenomenal, but it’s been a one-way transaction. The first ever adversity that Chris Wilder’s had, he wants to resign.”

Jordan had previously criticised Wilder for leaving United and seemingly making excuses prior to his exit. As Jordan put it then, he had ‘to own it’.

And continuing further on his mini-rant today, Jordan continued.

“He (Wilder) talks about how he hadn’t got what he wanted from the management. Absolute nonsense – it was advancing a disingenuous perspective, which football managers often do because he was unhappy with his lot.

“His relationship with Prince Abdullah is something he should have been working on instead of using the media to air his grievances”

Simon Jordan clearly on Prince Abdullah’s side, but is he right?

In fairness to Jordan, he does make some valid points in his interviews on Talksport, as did Prince Abdullah in his own interview.

Of course, it won’t sit well with some fans. Supporters may see this as an attempt by Abdullah to almost throw Wilder under the bus, while the former manager is refused his own say on matters due to the non-disclosure agreements people keep mentioning.

But in terms of Jordan’s comments here, he is well within his right to say those things, whether you agree or not.

It’s clear that the relationship between Prince Abdullah and Chris Wilder had broken down. Apart from that, we’ll probably never know the full extent of the fall out, with the truth likely to be somewhere in the middle of Abdullah’s take and any future comments Wilder may come out with.

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