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'He has to own that': Simon Jordan has his say on Chris Wilder's Sheffield United exit

Former Crystal Palace owner and now Talksport regular, Simon Jordan, believes Chris Wilder’s attitude has let him down in the last few weeks.

Jordan was openly critical of Wilder a few weeks back after the then Blades boss laid out the conditions in which he would stay as manager. At the time, Jordan felt it showed a bit of disrespect to Prince Abdullah.

Wilder was confirmed as having left the club over the weekend. The decision has caused outrage among fans on social media, with many now fearing the future.

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But Jordan, speaking on Talksport today, believes the writing was on the wall and the players and Wilder need to own this season.

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“He (Wilder) has a right to have robus conversations with his owner and ask questions. He doesn’t have the right to use the media to do so,” Jordan said.

“I think there is a way to operate and there’s a way not to. He decided to be very confrontational and quite disresepectful. We had his owner on the other week talking about how Wilder wasn’t going to be the casualty of what has been a really poor season. They’ve been really poor.

“Chris Wilder and his players are responsible for that. He’s bought £20m players. He has to own that. They haven’t been great because his management and his players have been poor and you have to own it”.

Jordan is clearly known for being the ex owner and chairman of Palace, and sees things from that perspective. And continuing his mini rant, Jordan says managers have double standards.

Can you imagine if one of his players came out and criticised his tactics or his management? Managers want unequivocal loyalty from their players but then they don’t want to give it to who they work for,” Jordan added.

Simon Jordan criticises Chris Wilder but he is right?

Jordan never holds back in his opinions and he hasn’t done here. Given the rawness of the whole scenario, most Blades fans will think he’s spouting rubbish.

The only point I would say Jordan has a valid discussion point over is the fact Wilder came out to the media and criticised things. Yes, he was frustrated, but in any walk of life if you openly slate your boss in public, it nearly always won’t end well for you.

There is more to this, of course. Jordan is looking purely from the stance of Prince Abdullah and the ownership. That is fair enough.

But there is more to come from this whole scenario. Granted, we will likely never know some of the details but it would be interesting to hear Chris Wilder’s take on things in the coming weeks and months if we can.

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