Sheffield United's lack of communication makes us look a laughing stock
Sheffield United's lack of communication makes us look a laughing stock
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Sheffield United's lack of communication makes us look a laughing stock

Yesterday’s frantic day of refreshing social media platforms and being glued to Sky News was not a day most Sheffield United fans wanted to happen.

The news of Chris Wilder’s departure from Bramall Lane, albeit not yet confirmed by the club, broke before 10am yesterday morning.

A number of reputable sources broke the news. The like of the Telegraph, The Times and then respected local outlets like the Star and Yorkshire Live all confirming most Blades fans’ worst fears.

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Of course, 99% of the fanbase want Wilder to remain. And while there is no official announcement from the club, there will always be that little glimmer of hope. Although, as they say, it’s the hope that kills you.


But aside from the fact we are losing arguably our greatest ever Premier League manager, yesterday highlighted just how amateurish we can come across as a club at times.

Lack of comms an embarrassment for Sheffield United

Nobody expects the club to disclose everything immediately and of course, things like this can take time before an official announcement is made.

But now some 24 hours on, Sheffield United fans are in the lurch over what has actually gone on at their football club. It’s accepted Wilder will be leaving but we have no idea of the circumstances or reasons that tipped things over the edge.

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It’s embarrassing that, as a Premier League club, an abundance of other PL managers – such as Pep Guardiola – were asked and responded to questions on Wilder’s supposed sacking in their own press conferences while the Blades remained on Radio Silent.

As supporters, we deserve a bit better than this. Chris Wilder deserves better than this. And while the eventual statement will no doubt reek of the bog standard formula and buzzwords, the lack of communication from the club yesterday was bordering on shambolic.

United fans, then, wait with bated breath on a Saturday many hoped would never come.

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