Opinion: Aaron Ramsdale looks silly after Ben Foster interview
Opinion: Was Aaron Ramsdale right to criticise Sheffield United over Arsenal move?
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Opinion: Was Aaron Ramsdale right to criticise Sheffield United over Arsenal move?

Talk about an explosive interview where you pull no punches. Aaron Ramsdale and his appearance on Ben Foster’s podcast this week hasn’t half got Sheffield United fans talking.

In the interview, Ramsdale took aim at the club for denying him a move to Arsenal. The former Blades stopper threw a number of accusations out at the club. All in all, it was pretty intense stuff from the £30m man.

It got to the point of me saying this is what I want to do. They said they wouldn’t stand in my way if bids came. But there were bids coming and they were turning them down. And they were making these numbers up about paying Bournemouth back. I was told on the day of the game another bid has come in, so I decided to play, but then after the game they rejected it. Normally if you don’t get a move, you’re rewarded with a new contract.

I’m not naming names, but someone at the club said, ‘We didn’t ask him to take less money when he was conceding goals at the start of last year’. So that was when I basically said ‘I won’t play against West Brom’, do what you want“, Ramsdale was quoted as saying.

Was Ramsdale Right To Criticise Sheffield United?

Ramsdale’s interview has certainly split the United fans. On one hand, there’s the honesty. People often get sick of robotic answers from footballers. To his credit, he did seem to tell the truth. But on the reverse, there are shouts of unprofessionalism, needless digs, and more.


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In our opinion, this interview from Ramsdale went a bit too far. There was a sense that he couldn’t wait to get it off his chest, and in a way, he seemed to get carried away. Foster didn’t particularly help matters, egging him on like a child in a playground at times. Watching on, you could almost picture Mikel Arteta and Ramsdale’s agent with their heads in their hands.

Of course, like with everything, there are two sides to a story and the truth is usually somewhere down the middle. But what Ramsdale said here did his own reputation more harm than the clubs. United, based on what was said, were simply trying to get the best deal possible. Sure, we all know this board has issues. We’ve been vocal ourselves about the need for new ownership if we can get it. But we can’t criticise them for wanting to get value for money on a player they’d spent £18m on less than 12 months earlier, can we?

In the end, Ramsdale got his move, United got a decent figure, and Blades fans wished him well. So why take the time now to simply take pot shots at the club?

Reputation In Tatters

Look, let’s not beat around the bush. Aaron Ramsdale was woeful for a good period of last season. People can say what they want about a poor defence in front of him. The fact was he looked like he’d concede with every shot. There was even a time when Ramsdale’s place was under serious threat. A dire display at Chelsea, just one of the shockers he had.

Granted, after Christmas, he improved. He was United’s best player come seasons end. But in the interest of balance, that wasn’t too hard. No one else in the XI played well. Ramsdale simply started to make a few saves, and his confidence grew.

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He left Bramall Lane his head held high. Supporters were happy for him, and club got good money. But his admission of a refusal to play hasn’t done him any favours. Nor has his attitude in this entire interview. Of course, he probably won’t really care. After all, he is now Arsenal’s number one and we are scrapping for a playoff place.

But the term ‘once a Blade, always a Blade’ that befits so many ex players, might not be passed on here. In fact, if Ramsdale does come back, then the reception might well be a tad frosty.

And for that, he’s only got himself to blame.

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