WWE star Mick Foley was present for Sheffield United 2-0 Brentford as a guest of the club.

More specifically Foley was there to see Blades captain Billy Sharp, who made headline news with his tribute to the wrestler two months earlier.

On January 26, Sharp equalised from the penalty spot in a Championship match at Norwich City. The striker then proceeded to celebrate with ‘Mr Socko’, a prop used by Foley in the wrestling ring.

United make international news

The clip went viral, with Foley himself retweeting it. He was then invited to the match against the Bees on March 12, which the now retired wrestling legend accepted.

Foley had breakfast at Sharp’s house before sitting on the bench with the United skipper to watch his new team win 2-0 and boost their promotion hopes.

Yet as it turns out, he has been aware of the forward for some time – almost eight years in fact.

“I first heard of Billy when he was playing for Doncaster and he scored that goal as a tribute to his son. I was so touched by that,” Foley said in an interview with United.

“So when I saw the celebration I thought to myself; ‘I think this is the same lad.’ I saw it under the headline, ‘this is the greatest thing you’ll see all day’ on social media and I retweeted with a comment and put, ‘this is fantastic.’

“I couldn’t believe the feedback it got, it was positive and so plentiful and it made international news. When they sent the invite we got another round of news. When I accepted we got another round of news.

“And now I’m here and you guys are interviewing me and it’s been something that makes people feel good.”

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