Why Sheffield United are demanding so much for Sander Berge this summer

Sheffield United need to pay Genk 20% of any Sander Berge fee, they are right to demand big money

Sheffield United are said to be demanding big money for Sander Berge this summer and a there might be a good reason behind that move.

According to Voetbal, Manchester City are said to be keen on signing Norwegian midfielder Berge this summer. Pep Guardiola, it seems, apparently impressed with the big Blades star.

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The Sheffield Star has claimed United will ask for around £35m for Berge, should they be tempted to sell their star asset. That represents a £13m jump on the £22m the Blades shelled out for Berge two January’s back.

But while some might think United are pushing their luck demanding such a fee, there could be a good reason behind the Blades board’s thinking.


Why United are demanding so much for Sander Berge

United were never going to sell Berge on the cheap. If the Prince does do that, he risks even more wrath from fans who are waiting to see if he follows through on a number of promises following Chris Wilder’s departure.

But there is another good reason behind the demands with Berge and that is because the Blades will need to give Genk 20% of any fee they get for the midfielder.

Voetbal confirmed that in their report about Manchester City this week, meaning even at £35m, the Blades would still pocket less than £28m for Berge. And with wages already paid out factored in, it would hardly represent much profit for the club.

So while it might seem a hefty fee what is now a Championship midfielder, that 20% buffer means United are playing a smart game.

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