What Bournemouth staying down means for Sheffield United and parachute payments
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What Bournemouth staying down means for Sheffield United and parachute payments

Bournemouth lost out to Brentford in the Championship playoffs yesterday, meaning the parachute payments for next season are now set in stone.

The controversial payments, made to clubs relegated from the Premier League, are seen as big difference maker by most in the EFL. In simple terms, if you are relegated from the PL at the first attempt, you’re entitled to around £80m spread over two years. That figure is more, if you have stayed in the top flight longer.

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Given Norwich and Watford have gone straight back up to the Premier League, they are now irrelevant in the parachute payment mix. That’s why eyes were on Bournemouth yesterday, as they looked to give themselves a chance of making it three from three.

But their loss to Brentford means they’ll now stay put in the Championship, albeit on better terms than most in the league.


Luckily for Sheffield United, we will be one of the clubs benefitting from the current parachute payment system.

How parachute payments will work for Sheffield United this season

United’s ability to stay in the top flight last season has given the club a slight advantage in terms of longer term planning.

The Blades will pocket three payments, instead of the two that West Brom and Fulham will get for their one year stays. Those payments, based on a recent report from The Athletic, will be around the £45m, £35m, and £15m mark, over the course of three seasons.

That final £15m is the crucial factor, with the Baggies and Fulham not entitled to that figure. Bournemouth, meanwhile, will get their second and third payments, after already claiming the initial £45m.

Finally, Huddersfield are into their final year of help. They will pocket the £15m or so. The Terriers, though, look a big distance from being able to challenge for promotion again.

So for United, while we don’t have a new boss yet, the future should be relatively stable. We didn’t overspends in the PL, and our wages won’t be enormous like some clubs.

With the right man in charge, which could well be Slavisa Jokanovic, United should be positioned to compete at the top this next season.

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