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'The eyes don't lie': Sheffield United fans unimpressed with Stephen Bettis' interview

As if things couldn’t get much worse for most Sheffield United fans yesterday, the interview from Stephen Bettis was like something from a nightmare.

In fairness to Bettis, he was clearly put up to the task of fronting up to the ‘media’ with his short interview with the club last night. I say media lightly, as it was the club’s own internal interviewer who was asking the ‘questions’.

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Bettis clearly looked nervous, on edge, and was unable to maintain eye contact throughout. His responses seemed rehearsed and at times, it didn’t even seem like he believed what he was saying.

You can check out the full interview, here.

Sheffield United fans, then, were quick to pick up on all those points mentioned above. Already less than impressed at hearing that Chris Wilder had indeed left the club, there was never going to be much positive feedback towards Bettis and the club here.

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And the replies on Twitter showed that in adundance. Yes, some overstepped the mark as usual with social media, but the theme was clear among Blades fans.

Here’s what some Sheffield United fans had to say in response to Stephen Bettis’ awkward interview last night.

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