Stephen Bettis confirms plans in the offing for new training facilities and academy
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Stephen Bettis confirms plans in the offing for new training facilities and academy

Sheffield United CEO, Stephen Bettis, has confirmed that plans are in place when it comes to the club’s training facilities and academy.

Chris Wilder has, on a number of occasions, highlighted the need for the whole club to see improvement. With that, as well as improving the first-team squad, will come the opportunity to improve facilities in and around the club.

Chris Wilder is keen to see all aspects of the football club improved upon. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

The training ground, then, is one area Wilder is keen to improve on. The Blades boss has said before it needs to improve if the club is to continue to progress. Things such as video analysis rooms are big on Wilder’s wishlist.

And according to Wilder’s trusted board link-man, Stephen Bettis, those plans are firmly in the offing.


Definitely, the whole point of the promotion is looking at creating a legacy,” Bettis said then pressed on the issue of upgrades. (BBC Radio Sheffield)

“Improving the facilities around the club. The first-team building needs improving, without a doubt. We are in discussion as we speak and are close to finalising a new building which will hopefully be ready for the summer”

Positive news all around for the Blades

It’s brilliant news for the club that they will be looking to build not just a first-team squad, but a whole club with the Premier League money.

It should set the club up for the future. Bettis, too, speaks a lot of sense and clearly knows what he is talking about. Wilder as well, seems desperate to see his players rewarded with the facilities befitting that of a Premier League club.

Wilder should hopefully get his wish of a new Sheffield United training ground in the summer.  (Photo by LINDSEY PARNABY/AFP via Getty Images)

Wilder, though, made no secret of his liking for the current place. He admitted he wasn’t ’embarrassed’ by the current set-up at Shirecliffe. Indeed, he insisted it was still a ‘place of work’ and it has served the club well.

Further improvements are needed though in honesty. Wilder has pushed for a while and will, hopefully, see his wishes come to fruition in the summer.

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