Chris Wilder is no stranger to upsetting sections of the media and he seems to have riled former Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan, this time.

Wilder’s latest presser this week saw him refuse to outright commit his future to the club. His relationship with Prince Abdullah is set to be somewhat fractured, more so following the club’s decision not to sign anyone in the January window.

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The Blades boss insisted this week he wants to remain with the club, as long as ‘we stick to the plan’. That plan, as Wilder has spelled out, seems to be keeping our best players, adding a couple more, and going again in the Championship.

But speaking on Talksport today, former Palace supremo Jordan – now a regular pundit on the show – wasn’t impressed with Wilder’s comments, or the tone of those comments.

The owner has already come out and nailed his colours to the wall, he’s already said ‘irrespective of what happens, this is my guy. So, for Wilder to turnaround and say ‘I don’t know’, I think is a typical football manager,” Jordan said.

“He’s earned the right to say what’s on his mind to his owner, not through the media. I know that doesn’t suit us because we’re the media and we want to hear this sort of stuff but when you’re talking about integrity and authenticity, you know what mate, you are a little bit out of order.”

Wilder is said to be disgruntled with some of the decisions behind the scenes with United. It is well known locally that he wanted January additions, while the lack of a new training ground is also said to have irked the Blades boss.

Simon Jordan vocal as ever but Chris Wilder won’t care

Simon Jordan is never one scared to voice his opinion. He’s also experienced in football and the ins and outs of running a football club and dealing with managers.

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It’s unsurprising, then, to see him in the corner of the owner. And in fairness, he’s every right to have that opinion.

“I don’t like his tone. I don’t think it’s necessary. I don’t think he has to have that conversation with the media and to effectively out his owner,” Jordan added.

There is definitely some posturing going on from Wilder at the moment. He’s clearly not happy with some aspects of how the club is being run.

The summer is going to be a big test for United. Losing Wilder would, in most fans’ eyes, be catastrophic. Most, then, will be hoping for the Prince and Wilder to find some common ground and take the club forward.

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