Simon Jordan says Sheffield Wednesday are bigger than Sheffield United
'They are': Simon Jordan has just claimed Sheffield Wednesday are a bigger club than Sheffield United
7 Oct 2001: Paul Peschisolido of Sheffield United bursts through during the Nationwide League Division One match against Sheffield Wednesday played at Hillsborough, in Sheffield, England. The match ended in a 0-0 draw. Mandatory Credit: Laurence Griffiths /Allsport

'They are': Simon Jordan has just claimed Sheffield Wednesday are a bigger club than Sheffield United

TalkSport regular, Simon Jordan, has risked the wrath of Sheffield United fans by claiming Sheffield Wednesday are a bigger club than the Blades.

The age old argument of ‘who is bigger’ will rage on until the end of footballing time. There isn’t really any barometer for measuring it, with different fans having different perspectives on who and what classifies a club as a ‘big club’.

Of course, we all saw – and some might have even laughed – as Wednesday were knocked out of the playoffs last night. Patrick Roberts’ lovely injury time finish ensured another year in League One for the Owls, with Hillsborough shocked into silence.

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However, speaking on TalkSport just now, Jordan has still claimed that Wednesday are a bigger club than United.


“You find a club that’s in League One, with this size and scale and support base. There’s a debate about whether they’re bigger than Sheffield United in terms of size….they are,” Jordan said.

“They’re not bigger than Sheffield United in terms of achievements in the last 25 years but in terms of scales of club. In my view, they’re bigger. In terms of the stadium, size of the support base, achievement over the last 30-40 years, I think that’s absolutely right.”

The Blades face Nottingham Forest this weekend in the Championship playoff semi-finals. Wednesday, meanwhile, are left licking their wounds following another miserable campaign.

Our View: Does It Really Matter?

The bigger club argument will always rattle on and there’s no point in even getting into half of the time. Both United and Wednesday fans can lay different claims down at the end of the day.

We like Simon Jordan, his opinions are always well thought out and delivered. And he might be right here in some of what he says, in terms of history.

However, at the end of the day, the Owls have been nowhere near anything since 2000 while United continue to at least fight for top-flight football. As things stand, Wednesday fans don’t really have much to shout home about when it comes to this sort of talk.

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