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Sheffield United will set record for Premier League defeats with loss at Everton

Sheffield United should be desperate to avoid defeat at Everton today as they bid to steer clear of the Premier League record for defeats in a season.

We say ‘should’, as putting ‘will be’ is probably a bit too presumptious, given some of the displays we’ve seen from this group of players at times this season. Some of them have downed tools. And while Heckingbottom, akin to Boris Johnson, keeps alluding to ‘the data’, it’s clear to fans that the effort levels have dipped.

And in a way, it’s understandable. Getting beat week after week is not good for anyone. Players should and probably do have professional pride to play for. But it must be demoralising turning up and getting beat every weekend.

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However, United’s players have two games to ensure they don’t go down in the unwanted Premier League records category. That record, according to the official PL website, is one which would see the Blades match the most defeats in a Premier League season. 29 is the ‘magic’ number.

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Of course, defeat at Everton then at home to Burnley would see us surpass that figure. The reality really, is that it’s pretty miserable reading.

Sheffield United on course for record Premier League defeats

We could jokingly say we might as well lose and take something from the season. We avoided the record low points, so why not etch ourselves in history with the most defeats eh?

But in all seriousness, it’s embarrassing. This season has been completely ridiculous, in more than one way. Injuries have been a nightmare, Chris Wilder’s depature a farce, and the search for a new manager since even more so.

The sooner it ends the better. Of course, it would be nice to get a win at Everton but at this point, it probably doesn’t even matter. It’s literally all about the new manager and next season now.

Losing 30 games in a PL season is bad, but in the overall picture, it won’t make a difference at all to this group.

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