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Prince Abdullah takes aim at 'big six' again with dig at proportionate revenues

Sheffield United owner, Prince Abdullah, has taken to Twitter to unleash a bit of a rant towards the Premier League’s so-called ‘Big Six’ clubs.

In a week ridden with controversy thanks to the creation, then demise, of the European Super League, a number of players and club owners have spoken out.

Steve Parish of Crystal Palace has been openly vocal in his criticisms. The owners of the likes of Manchester United, City, and Arsenal have all been forced into apologies too, while Liverpool owner John W Henry also issued a grovelling apology.

And seemingly continuing the argument against these big clubs, Sheffield United owner Prince Abdullah has taken to Twitter to unload again. This time, taking a pot shot at apparent equal ‘solidarity payments’ and donations.

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Quite exactly what the United owner is referring to here, isn’t exactly clear. However, what is clear, is there is some sort of expectancy that each club pays equal shares, regardless of revenues and earnings.

It’s not the first time this week Abdullah has been active on his social media account. He took another swipe earlier in the week when he denounced the Super League idea. Here’s what he had to say that day:

Prince Abdullah hits out at the Big Six but is he showing himself up?

It’s fine of the United owner to have his say. And it’s great that he disagrees with these so-called big ideas, which is much in line with how Blades fans feel.

However, he’s becoming a tad more active on social media about things he can’t really control. We aren’t hearing anything that is related directly to the club. If he’s going to be active, then update us on the manager search, potential signings, the new training ground, that sort of thing.

Abdullah has also exposed here how he has a severe lack of funds compared to the rest. A far cry from the ‘billionaire’ we all thought we were getting many moons ago.

Of course, this isn’t a dig at the United owner, far from it. He has time to put things right and next season we might well do brilliantly. But at a time when fan trust is at an all-time low, it might be better for him to focus on that, rather than getting involved in arguments higher up the chain.

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