Ben Osborn isn’t exactly the most prominent of Sheffield United players when it comes to social media use and spouting off about this, that, and everything.

Ben Osborn Sheffield United
Photo by Jon Hobley/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Despite his energetic style on the field, Osborn actually comes across as a very laid back and calm character behind the scenes. Quite hilariously, Callum Robinson once branded Osborn our most intelligent player on the basis he’d seen him with a book! Whether that says more about Robinson than Osborn is open for debate.

However, when Osborn does speak or post something online, you generally take notice and that’s exactly what we did last night as he mocked himself on Twitter. For those who didn’t see it, former West Ham winger Dimitri Payet scored an absolute stunner in Europe last night.

And in a nice moment of sarcasm towards himself, Osborn quoted the video of Payet’s moment of magic with his not so good attempt at similar against Middlesbrough. As we can all see, Osborn didn’t quite get it as right as Payet did.

Still, this was a nice moment from Osborn and once again shows that, at the end of the day, these footballers we all follow and love are just human.

Stunning Goals

There was a period of time where United fans probably felt we never saw the spectacular at Bramall Lane. But to be fair, we’ve seen our fair share this season both home and away. Morgan Gibbs-White has produced his own goal of the season competition, while others have chipped in as well.

Of course, Payet’s was something more than special and Osborn, quite rightly, chose to have a laugh at himself. Maybe next time eh, Ben?

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