A report from the Daily Mail has claimed that no new contract has been agreed for Chris Wilder yet due to the ongoing ownership battle at the club.

Despite Prince Abdullah winning sole control of the club in the summer, former owner, Kevin McCabe, is planning an appeal.

Prince Abdullah and Kevin McCabe. (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images)

A court ruling meant long-time owner McCabe would need to sell his shares in the club to the Prince for just £5m. Understandably, McCabe was unhappy with the outcome and now intends to try and see the ruling overturned.

However, according to the report from the Daily Mail, the ownership battle is holding things back when it comes to giving Chris Wilder a new contract.

Many Blades fans have called on the club to tie down Wilder. He did only sign a new three-year deal in the summer. However, United’s start to Premier League life has been more than impressive. This has led to calls for a further new deal to be thrashed out.

Wilder, meanwhile, has already given his thoughts on a new contract. The Blades boss insists that it’s down to the club to approach him, not the other way around.

The most important signing of the season

Putting to the side all talk of January transfers, tying Chris Wilder down will be the Blades’ most important piece of business.

Sure, he has signed a three-year deal. But we’ve seen the likes of Brighton put big trust in Graham Potter. It’s this sort of faith the Blades fans want to see Wilder rewarded with.

Chris Wilder New contract
Blades fans want Chris Wilder to be given a new contract at Bramall Lane. (Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images)

Few managers in the Premier League deserve a new deal as much as Wilder. Alongside Alan Knill, he’s taken United from the depths of League One to Europa League contenders. It’s a truly remarkable feat of management.

Furthermore, a win at Brighton today will put the Blades just one point off fourth spot.

If Sheffield United are serious, then they’ll put personal wars to one side and give Chris Wilder the new contract he so richly deserves.

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