Paul Merson takes aim at 'cheap' dig at Chris Wilder from Prince Abdullah
Paul Merson takes aim at 'cheap' dig at Chris Wilder from Prince Abdullah
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Paul Merson takes aim at 'cheap' dig at Chris Wilder from Prince Abdullah

Sky Sports regular and former Arsenal and England man, Paul Merson, has criticised Prince Abdullah for his comments on Chris Wilder this week.

The United owner took to Sky Sports this week to deliver an explosive interview in which he laid his cards on the table and threw a few accusations the way of the now ex-manager, Wilder.

Naturally, the Blades fanbase has been a bit split since the interview. The United supporters are loyal to their legendary gaffer, while there are those who feel the Prince was right to come out and have his say.

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But Merson, speaking on Sky this week, was having none of it and felt the United owner came at Wilder with ‘cheap’ comments.


“Don’t embarrass him like that. I find that cheap,” Merson said of Abdullah’s comments on Wilder apparently demanding a £4m pay off.

“Wilder took Sheffield United to the promised land from nowhere. He deserves better than that. He would have found it hard losing matches this season. He’s been very successful at various clubs.

“I think having the fans in would have made a big difference for them, more than for most clubs, because they would have driven the team on.”

Merson has been a vocal supporter of Wilder in the past. He did, however, question the purchase of Rhian Brewster, something which seems to be a big bone of contention between Wilder and Abdullah.

Merson is right in a way, but Prince was probably frustrated

We won’t ever take sides on this site as there’s little point. We see both sides to the story with Wilder and Abdullah and the truth, as many have pointed out, is probably somewhere in between it all.

But Merson is right in a way here. There was no need for Abdullah to disclose financial information and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Wilder’s legal team try and take some action on those comments.

On the flipside, Abdullah is probably annoyed at being made to look the bad guy in all of this. He’s done right in defending himself but in hindsight, might have been better keeping some things in house.

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