Former Blades boss Neil Warnock has risked the wrath of supporters with his latest comments. 

Neil Warnock called United’s players ‘bang average’ (Photo by Athena Pictures/Getty Images)

Warnock, who was the last manager to guide United to the Premier League before Chris Wilder, was speaking to Talksport ahead of this weekend’s fixtures.

And when asked about his former club, he didn’t hold back in his comments.

“It’s an amazing system. I’m not being disrespectful, but he’s got bang average players playing top of the Premier League standards,” Warnock said. (Talksport)

Those ‘bang-average’ players have been vital in helping United to sixth in the table. The likes of John Fleck, Jack O’Connell, and Chris Basham are amongst a large group still there from the League One days.

Jack O’Connell helped United out of League One (Photo by Visionhaus)

Warnock adds context

In fairness to Warnock here, he did praise United a lot. It’s just sometimes his honest words come across as harsh.

In the rest of the interview, the Cardiff manager was quick to highlight the job Chris Wilder is doing, adding:

“Chris has done a job like nobody can see. I still don’t know how the play their system, I watch it and I still don’t know.

“It’s been good two divisions below, and now Premier League clubs do not know how to cope with Chris’ system. I think it’s great. The lads that play it do, because they’ve got freedom and everybody fits into that jigsaw.

“If it was a foreign manager that had come up with this new system, there would be plaudits everywhere”.

Deserved praise for Wilder

It’s about time Wilder started getting the praise he deserves. Getting it from Neil Warnock, a Blades legend whichever way fans want to look at it, is a nice touch.

Chris Wilder deserves his praise (Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images)

Too many pundits wrote United off in pre-season. Those pundits now appear to be relenting, it seems.

A win at Spurs this weekend for United will only enhance Wilder’s reputation further. The worry for Blades fans is that before too long, one of the Premier League’s ‘big boys’ come knocking for their gaffer.

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