Sheffield United co-owner Kevin McCabe has revealed that the club have identified new investors.

McCabe owns a 50 percent stake in the Blades alongside Prince Abdullah. The pair, who own equal stakes, have been in dispute since December 2017.

Having failed to come to an agreement about who should take a controlling percentage, it will now be decided by the High Court. That case begins this month.

McCabe has revealed that if he wins he will then sell the club. The 71-year-old told BBC Radio Sheffield there are several interested parties, with the Sheffield Star reporting at least one is from North America.

“We have discussions with other parties, yes,” McCabe said.

“Those discussions will not be concluded until the outcome of the court case, which has actually started now, (is) over.

“Let me put it this way: it will happen more quickly than would have been the case had we been a Championship club. So there must be excitement all around. People want to be investing in the Premier League.”

What about the budget?

(Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Prince Abdullah is keen to retain his interest in the Blades should he win the case. Either way, though, McCabe has promised that manager Chris Wilder will be given a healthy budget this summer.

Despite the off-field problems, on the pitch Wilder’s side have exceeded expectations this season. They have been promoted to the Premier League for the first time in 12 years after finishing second in the Championship.

“Let’s just say it’ll (budget) be a healthy one,” McCabe continued.

“Well look, we’re not in the Premier League for fun. And when you play in any market you can’t buck it. So it’s considering carefully.

“We’re not going to be rash, we’re not going to be stupid. We accept that the world of football sees clubs go down.”

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