Leicester City striker, Jamie Vardy, has insisted he has no regrets over his celebration against the Blades at Bramall Lane.

Jamie Vardy Blades Celebration
Jamie Vardy wound the Blades fans up with this celebration (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

Lifelong Sheffield Wednesday fan Vardy cupped his ears to the Blades’ Kop in an iconic celebration. The action from Vardy drew quite the response from Blades fans at the time. Vardy, however, had the last laugh, as he helped his team to a 2-1 win at the Lane.

And Vardy has commented on the incident, insisting he has no regrets about the celebration and believes he didn’t step over the mark or incite the fans.

“What a picture,” Vardy said in response to questions from Gabby Logan and John Bishop (Amazon Prime Sport).

When asked if he felt he had took it too far, Vardy simply replied, “N0!!“.

“Especially that game. As soon as I took a step off the coach, I was getting called a pig. Every name under the sun. Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday hate each other, and I’m a Sheffield Wednesday fan, so”.

Vardy has been in exceptional form this season for Leicester. He’s already scored 12 goals as Leicester have impressed onlookers this term.

Was Vardy right to celebrate as he did?

Of course he was. Any Sheffield United fan who says otherwise is either lying, or in a bit of denial.

Put yourself in Vardy’s shoes. You’ve supported the Blades all your life and then scored at Hillsborough. It would be impossible not to celebrate or do something to provoke a reaction.

Jamie Vardy Celebration Blades
Jamie Vardy has been on fire for Leicester this season with 12 goals (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

Vardy loves to play the pantomime villain. He revels in winding up opposition fans so this one will have been the best of the bunch for him. Saying that, he’s more than just a wind up player. He’s an exceptional striker and has proven himself one of the Premier League’s best.

I’d expect Jamie Vardy to come up with a similar celebration if he scores against the Blades again this season in the return fixture.

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