Has Chris Wilder left Sheffield United? What we know so far
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Has Chris Wilder left Sheffield United? What we know so far

Social media has gone into a bit of a frenzy this evening with talk that Chris Wilder may have walked away from Sheffield United.

In all honesty, where those rumours have surfaced from is unknown and us here, like most Blades, hope to wake up tomorrow with Wilder very much at the helm of the club.

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But what do we know so far? And could there actually be anything in some of the rumours doing the rounds that Wilder might have walked?

Here’s what we know so far and what sort of hints and snippets of information are out there.


Piecing it together

The majority of this rumour are hear-say, with nobody coming forward with any sort of concrete information. However, we do know Wilder was awaiting an update from the board RE his January targets.

Could it be that that meeting hasn’t gone quite as planned and another oucome has been reached? As we say, there is no evidence to support this.

Former Blades player, Kevin Gage, an active supporter of Wilder and regular columnist in the Sheffield Star, took to Twitter to say he was concerned at what he was hearing.

In terms of the local media, most have been quiet on the situation but Alan Biggs, one of the most respected and experienced journalists in the region, also used social media to share his thoughts and worries at the lack of information coming from his sources.

The other item to consider is Lys Mousset’s apparent crash while (allegedly) under the influence last night. The club remains tight lipped on that situation, but it might well have been a step too far for Wilder.

As of this evening, nothing else had been said, other than fans frantically refreshing social media to see if there is an update.

Will we hear tomorrow? More than likely

There might well be nothing in this but as they say, there’s often no smoke without fire so this is a bit of a worry for Blades fans.

The Prince has previously said there’s no way he’d sack Wilder. The problem is if the Blades boss has decided enough is enough and walked away.

We sincerely hope not. Wilder deserves the chance to rebuild and at the moment, there isn’t exactly anyone out there who can come in with a magic wand and change the fortunes of this team as it stands.

If the club has got wind of the worry online, and there is nothing in the story, then they need to quash it and do it quickly.

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