Don Hutchinson and Paul Devlin both back Chris Wilder in Prince Abdullah row
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Don Hutchinson and Paul Devlin both back Chris Wilder in Prince Abdullah row

The explosive interview from Sheffield United owner, Prince Abdullah, has been the talking point for many Blades supporters this past week.

Abdullah took time out on Sky Sports to deliver what he will believe are the truths behind the club’s decision to part ways with Wilder. In that interview, Abdullah claimed Wilder had tried to leave on two other occasions, asked for £4m in compensation, and had refused help when it came to recruitment.

Of course, Wilder will have his opinion on matters but whether we will ever hear anything from him remains to be seen. But one thing the interview did do was reignite the argument and split the fanbase over whose side they’re on.

Further, the interview also had some ex-United players offering their opinions and looking at Paul Devlin and Don Hutchinson, it’s pretty clear what their stance on the matter is.


Wilder a popular figure, Abdullah faces a big test now

We’ve written before on here about how the next few months are going to be huge for Prince Abdullah. He needs to get the right manager in place and also back up his claims that he won’t sell key players for peanuts.

But he was always going to be fighting an uphill battle trying to step on Wilder’s reputation with Blades fans and that’s what he’s done in his interview.

In fairness to him, he did make some valid points. Points which a lot of United fans have probably thought themselves and not wanted to say out loud.

But you’re never going to get everyone onside, especially former players who know Wilder off the pitch a bit. Hutchinson and Devlin were always going to back Wilder. And in a way, it’s nice to see former players still being concerned by matters at the club.

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