Dermot Gallagher unsurprisingly thinks Phil Jagielka red card against Villa was right
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Dermot Gallagher unsurprisingly thinks Phil Jagielka red card against Villa was right

Another week, another VAR call, another decision that’s left everyone either scratching their head or debating whether it’s right or wrong.

Phil Jagielka’s red card for Sheffield United last night against Aston Villa is the latest to get the treatment. The experienced Blades defender lunged in on Anwar El-Ghazi and took him out. There is no question. A yellow card was given, before VAR referred the referee to the dreaded monitor.

Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

And as is the norm now, the decision was overturned, with Jags given a red card and the Blades reduced to ten men for the final 25 or so.

And yet again, unsurprisingly, former Premier League referee, Dermot Gallagher, hasn’t got a bad word to say about the decision.


“On that basis he’s duty bound to send him (Jagielka) off,” Gallagher said.

“When you review it, when you freeze frame it, you can see why it’s been given as a red card. I can’t see Kean Bryan will make 20 yards to cut El-Ghazi off.”

Jagielka’s red was the latest in a long line of big calls to go against United this season. The same happened at Villa earlier in the campaign when John Egan saw red. On the flipside, both David Luiz and Matt Targett have got away with them against us.

VAR dominates the game and it’s making fans miserable

Regardless here of whether the decision was correct or not, the fact is that VAR and this constant hanging around for decisions is ruining football for so many fans.

Nobody would have complained had Jags been given a yellow yesterday. In fact, Villa’s players were more than ready to simply get on with the game.

Then every week, we hear someone like Dermot Gallagher or another former referee backing up their former pals. Of course, he’s entitled to do that, but you really do get the impression it’s been made up as they go along.

If Jagielka’s was a red last night, then so was Targett’s and so was Luiz’s earlier in the campaign. Everyone just wants consistency, of which we are getting none at the moment.

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