Chris Wilder says VAR and refereeing decisions 'do his head in', amid multiple big calls this season
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Chris Wilder says VAR and refereeing decisions 'do his head in', amid multiple big calls this season

Sheffield United manager, Chris Wilder, has said the constant changing of rules and VAR ‘does his head in’, amid a number of big calls this season.

The Blades face Aston Villa tomorrow, a fixture which has been shrouded in controversy in the last 18 months. Last season saw United denied a clear goal as the ball went over the line. While this year, John Egan was shown a harsh red card for a challenge while Matt Targett got away with one.

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And speaking ahead of the clash today, Wilder gave a typically honest answer when pressed on refereeing and VAR calls.

“The game just changes. It changes. That same decision a week later, down the line it doesn’t get made, and everyone will say that,” Wilder said.


The game changes from John Egan being sent off (at Villa) to Jayden Bogle being out for a month to a challenge that’s not ‘reckless’. That’s what does the people in football’s head in. And it does my head in, because I’m in football.

“Everyone has seen it. It just changes. The one at Tottenham with Doherty was given a penalty. The one at Chelsea on Sunday, hit his hand, but we’ll change that decision now. They might as well go back to one person doing it.”

When asked specifically on if he thought VAR was bringing anything to the game and making it a positive, Wilder replied bluntly:

“Dear me, have you got an hour…or 24 hours,” Wilder commented.

“Not for me (should VAR stay), but I’ve not got a big enough voice to change it. I’ve never been as confused as a football manager.”

Chris Wilder and his VAR frustrations echo most football fans

There surely is only a small percentage of football fans who believe the current rules and VAR are helping the game? Sure, at times it gets the obvious errors right and overturns them.

But far too often, it leaves more debat, more problems, and more abuse hurled towards the officials anyway.

VAR won’t be going anywhere. Wilder knows it, and we all know it. All we can hope for is that things improve in terms of how decisions are made and implemented.

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