Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder has revealed one of the key differences between like in the Championship and the Premier League.

Chris Wilder is loving life in the Premier League (Photo by Rich Linley – CameraSport via Getty Images)

Wilder was speaking as part of a Sky Sports interview with golfing star, Matt Fitzpatrick. The young golfer is an avid Blades supporter, with Wilder even flying out to see him play the Italian open just a few weeks ago.

But with talk turning to football and golf, Wilder admitted that the Premier League schedule does allow for some more down time.

“Yeah, it does actually”, Wilder said when asked if the top-flight afforded him more time on the golf course.

“The Championship is a brilliant league as we know. But everyone will tell you, it’s relentless. When you’re playing Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, and all these weird and wonderful kick-off times. 

“Obviously now, with the international breaks it gives time to get the clubs out. The full weeks preparation we usually get allows for that opportunity as well”, Wilder added.

Blades benefiting from the rest

As Wilder says, the Championship is a hard league. It’s an even harder league to get out of. It’s why you have to take some of the time afforded to you if you do get to the Premier League.

While Wilder jokingly admitted he was working through any international breaks, he cut a relaxed figure. It’s well known he likes his players to enjoy their success and supports them in taking time out from the game.

We’ve seen this with the two promotions Wilder has won at United. He’s been the leader of the celebrations.

Chris Wilder is not afraid to celebrate with his team (Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)

However, when it comes down to being game ready and putting the hard yards in, it’s obvious Wilder has his team singing to his tune.

We are seeing the benefits of that extra prep time Wilder spoke of. The Blades defensive record is a nod to how much they must work on organisation, shape, and tactics during the week.

As long as the Premier League results keep coming in,  Chris Wilder can spend as long on the golf course as he likes. He might even find himself winning more awards, something ex-Blades boss, Dave Bassett, has predicted.

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