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Is Chris Wilder right to be annoyed by Sheffield United fans leaving early?

Despite sitting on 40 points and seventh in the table, Chris Wilder has sparked quite the debate amongst Sheffield United fans.

Social media was awash with comments from Blades fans this weekend. Those comments were centred around the decision of some fans to leave early against Brighton, despite United putting in a decent performance.

Chris Wilder seemed a little concerned that some Sheffield United fans had left early this weekend. (Photo by Ben Early – AMA/Getty Images)

The debate arose after Wilder commented on the matter following the game. The Blades boss insisted he would have stayed to applaud his team off the field. Those comments were seemingly fired at a fairly large smattering of United fans who headed for the exits in the final ten minutes.

Of course, this is something that has always happened in football. Fans have always left early to ‘beat the traffic’.

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But is it something that really deserves such a massive debate? Or is it just a case of letting people get on with what they want to do?

Each to their own

It’s very easy to see why people, and Wilder, are annoyed by the leaving early brigade. The club has been in the doldrums for so many years that the thought of people not clapping the team off till the very end winds people up.

It was, of course, only a few years ago that only a few hundred stayed behind on the final day of the season to heckle, more than clap, Nigel Adkins’ Blades off the field.

Chris Wilder applauds the remaining Sheffield United fans following the draw with Brighton.  (Photo by Ben Early – AMA/Getty Images)

So it makes sense that a lot of fans are perplexed by others. Obviously, with your team sitting pretty in seventh in the Premier League, you’d expect the vast majority to stay behind and applaud the efforts.

However, there’s also the case for those who do leave early. Some people have to go get trains, get home, get to work, etc. Nobody can be 100% sure why someone else is leaving the ground at a set time.

Therefore, it makes little sense to start arguing about it.

Enjoy the ride

Nobody can say they are a bigger Sheffield United fan than anyone else. If you choose to go to every game, the odd home game, leave, early, or clap every last sub off down the tunnel, it’s your choice and doesn’t mean you’re a bigger fan.

(Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

This ‘bigger Blade syndrome’ that’s doing the rounds online has some merit. Why should it matter? Everyone who is going to games at the moment should be loving it.

Whether that be the person who’s had a season ticket for 60 years or the new fan simply jumping on the Premier League bandwagon. Every Blades fan is entitled to do things their own way.

Let’s not argue, fall out, or take pointless jabs at each other. Let’s get behind the team and simply do what we can to support Chris Wilder and the team until the end of May.

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